september sketches

Casse-dédi à la ligne 4 du métro

Wite River (3/?)

Another music video still

Another shot from the music video! This time, one of my own. Also, yes, i know, it feels like i’m only choosing the ruins or small decorative shots but i try not to give away the whole thing yet…

White_River (2/?)

Some new images from the music video i’m working on! Again, this image is the work of the wonderous Anthony, i did nothing but some talking and colorscripting on it :)  And of course many thanks to my long-time collaborator and friend Léa who did an amazing job on the storyboards! In any cases, be sure to check them out


First sneak peak of the music video i’m currently working on with Anthony Lejeune (who did this pic!) and my dear Lea Justum ! I know, it’s not telling much yet but keep tuned, i’ll show more in the next few weeks ; )

Commercial work~

Some layouts i did for a commercial at Laika/house

brave frog guard

a little doodle i did a while ago

old cranky veteran

Another character done under the guidance of Joe Pitt. It's still a WIP but i thought i'd still post it here before i rework it (then again, theses days i'm full time on a new not-secret-for-very-long film so there's not a lot of time for anything. Ah, the art of filling my timetable at all time...) 


 and here's some researches/color tryout...

Disney summer 2012

Lately i've been going through my stuff. There's lots i've never put up here so...better catch up! 
Here are some things i did during summer 12'

flowers & plants!

Some WIP of plants and stuff i did after work lately!

Oh and also, happy new year everyone :)