surprising work coming from me, right?: p

Some times ago i felt like it'd be time for me to try to do some characters too so i took couple of classes with Joe Pitt who had the difficult task to try to push me as much in my thought-process about character as well in my actual way of drawing.  Well, guys, i got to admit charadesign is so much harder than i thought! It's a way different job than environment o.o But hey here is one of the character i did, i hope you might enjoy it :) 
 Hobo guy, completly inspired by Portland dudes i sometimes see (and hear) In this exercise, Joe gave me a bunch of car pictures and i had to figure out a character fitting to the car. In this case it was a rusty old black american car.  Just below you can see a bunch of the first ideas i came up with

Winter mood~

It's getting cold in Portland : (

old news

I've realized i've didn't put these up on the blog because i was caring for film spoilers... and then i never did ! 
So, sorry for the old news guys, it's just i'd rather post them now or i'll never will : )

Being french again

Some Charlotte Gainsbourg and a Bardot mindless painting. Originally it was just side palette i used next to my painting but eventually it became little characters and since i listened a lot C.Gainsbourg's albums (especially during my calarts time. Go abroad and you realize how much you're french basically...) well it ended up looking like this

Cruches et vieux monsieurss

eh oui, ils font des sourires, c'est pas souvent mais ça arrive ; )

My graduation film!

...is finally online! here it is : ) 
I did it as exchange student to Calarts. Thank you to my many friends who helped me through it for a bit of animation or compositing and all the people who helped me going through it! Also big up at the musician Quentin


Also you can find on this special blog all the art related to the film !

Movie's almost out!

My movie is normally going to be released this friday so stay tunned, people!
Also, as a bit of news, i just moved to Portland to work at Laika/house! I shall post some sketched of Portland people as soon as the movie frenzy will be over. Anyway, here's a little picture to keep you waiting : )

Graduation movie teasing ( 3 /? )


De retour à Paris où il fait tout gris ~

oh, et instant pub !


J essaie de publier des planches du film bientot, promis

Des filles qui se font chier

Ambiances "c'est les vacances de Noël, on s'ennuie un peu"